It goes without saying that a properly functioning braking system is crucial to staying safe on the road. All Genesis vehicles feature a superior braking system consisting of the highest-quality brake pads, rotors, calipers, and more. It's important to have this critical system properly maintained so that you can always stop the vehicle quickly and completely, especially when unexpected situations arise.

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Signs of Brake Issues

It's a driver's responsibility to pay attention for any changes in the vehicle's behavior, including new sounds and sensations. Although your car's brakes will perform well for years, they eventually wear down like any other component. Malfunctioning or worn brakes can whistle, grind, or chirp, and you might feel the car shudder when you brake. Any of these developments may be a sign of worn or loose-fitting brake pads, heat-cracked or corrosion-pitted rotors, damaged or missing noise insulators, or uneven torque of the lug nuts or caliper hardware. If you notice any of the above, you should have your brakes looked at by a trusted Genesis repair professional as soon as possible.


Certified Genesis Brake Service

Authorized Genesis service facilities only service Genesis vehicles and use authentic Genesis parts, and for that reason we recommend that you take yours to these facilities for regular maintenance. Repair shops or mechanics that aren't Genesis-specific may not have such high standards for their work and the components they use. You could end up getting inferior results if you choose these independent shops or large national chains over Genesis service facilities staffed by factory-trained service technicians. These professionals work on and study this make of vehicles daily and stay up to date with the newest repair techniques and equipment. When you choose a Genesis service facility, you can rest assured knowing that you're putting your vehicle in the right hands.


Scheduling Brake Inspections or Repairs

If you're nearing the time of your next recommended Genesis brake service, or if you need the peace of mind of an unscheduled brake inspection, you can easily set up an appointment at Genesis of Fairfield. Just call our service department at 877-307-7311 or book it online.