Genesis Concept Vehicles


While many concept cars often remain confined to the drawing board, the Genesis GV80 Coupe has a different status: it’s slated for release in 2025. While other Genesis concepts, like the X Speedium Coupe and Essentia, have lingered in the realm of ideas for some time, it’s worth noting that the future may still hold surprises with these concepts or similar innovations. Regardless, delving into the Genesis concept cars provides us with a glimpse into what lies ahead for the brand. Here, we’ll explore some of the Genesis concept cars, with particular emphasis on the confirmed GV80 Coupe.

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GV80 Coupe Concept


GV80 Coupe Concept Exterior

For a bit of perspective, note that the award-winning GV80 SUV, now in its fourth model year, was conceived as a concept vehicle in 2017. That background makes it less surprising that Genesis has announced plans for a coupe version of this model for 2025. It will have an aerodynamic yet muscular silhouette that will perfect embodies Genesis’ Athletic Elegance design philosophy. From its gracefully sloping roofline and vibrant orange exterior to its elegant G-Matrix crest grille and slender quad LED headlights, the GV80 Coupe Concept is the epitome of refined sportiness.

Inside, a spacious race-inspired cockpit awaits, defined by ergonomically supportive bucket seats, carbon-fiber accents, eye-catching orange seatbelts and contrast stitching. Its structural integrity is reinforced by a G-Matrix strut brace. With all of these elements in play, the GV80 Coupe is a testament to aesthetics, and the anticipation of its future availability is certainly exciting.

GV80 Coupe Concept Interior

X Speedium Coupe Concept

Another avant-garde creation from Genesis is the X Speedium Coupe, which was inspired by the Genesis X Concept from 2021. This futuristic and fully electric two-door takes a more innovative approach to design, exuding an aesthetic that seems straight out of a sci-fi blockbuster. Speed and performance are at the forefront of the X Speedium’s identity, with a lean and low shape, aerodynamic roofline, and prominent wheel arches that underscore its dynamic presence.

Embracing the “less is more” design philosophy, the X Speedium Coupe projects an understated yet elegant demeanor. Plus, its metallic emerald-green paint, inspired by a Korean racetrack set amidst mountainous terrain, further enhances its attention-grabbing look. Given that the X Speedium Coupe has been conceived as an electric vehicle (EV), it holds promise as a potential addition to Genesis’ future lineup of carbon-neutral cars.



Essentia Concept

Among the Genesis concepts, the Essentia is arguably the most innovative, as it represents the brand’s vision of a true-to-form GT vehicle that pushes the boundaries of style and performance. It’s striking from every angle, with its graceful visual structure, carbon-fiber body, and captivating cabin featuring luxurious cognac leather seats and a crisp, horizontal digital interface. Like the X Speedium Coupe, the Essentia was conceived as an EV with an emphasis on performance, and as Genesis continues its evolution into a fully electric car brand, the Essential could very well become the dream car for future enthusiasts.

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