Just because a car is luxury doesn't mean it needs to be massive, and this is a sentiment that Genesis believes in. With their two-door all-electric concept vehicle, the Mint (which does in fact have a cool-green color), you can see exactly what we mean. It's definitely compact, making it the perfect car for city dwellers and bucking the trend for luxury cars to be large (and therefore impractical in many settings, such as the city). One of the Mint's standout elements is the reverse-opening scissor doors on both sides of the vehicle that give you access to the cargo area. Inside, it's unlike anything you've seen before. All in all, the Mint concept is altering our expectations for compact electric vehicles, and if you're interested to see what else this unique concept is all about, read on. We've outlined everything we know below.


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Design Inspiration


The Mint was designed as the ultimate city car. With its streamlined aesthetics (it looks as though it could maneuver the busiest city streets with ease), it will meet the overarching goal to make urban driving less stressful. Overall, though, it intends to make its operator take a minimalist approach to driving. For as long as luxury cars have existed, the idea was that they should be abundantly equipped with premium features, but Genesis doesn't necessarily think that's what makes a car great. Instead, they're putting a greater emphasis on deliberate styling over size with this intriguing Mint concept.


Unique Interior


The Mint's interior exemplifies the minimalist approach mentioned above. Not an inch has been wasted, as the inside is influenced by the Korean tradition of embracing empty space. It's engulfed in cognac-colored leather and features a bench seat for two (which the designer, SangYup Lee, admits could definitely sit three). It kept the entertainment and instrumentation interface minimal as well, with only a steering-wheel mounted screen and three round touchscreen buttons on each side for easy access to the driver. The Mint's interior is meant to encourage relaxation above anything else. Lee believes that swaths of buttons and screens are not ideal to that end, and that their omission makes for a less distracting and more pleasant driving experience.


Another feature that sets the Mint apart is its spherical control layout, which is set into the center console. When the car is turned on, the sphere rotates to become the control for the driving modes. This is so you always know when your car is turned on, which is not always easy to determine with electric cars since they're mouse-quiet. Finally, a relatively large cargo area is located in the rear bench seat, which is accessed via the aforementioned scissor doors.


Will it Enter Production?


Genesis asserts that they don't just make concept cars just for the sake of it. Eventually they would like to see the Mint taken to the roadways - although that will depend in part on how people respond to its bold design. If it does go forward, it would likely be for the 2021 model year.