Your Genesis vehicle has been built to last for many years of pleasurable driving. There are just a few things it needs to keep it running like a top, starting with regular oil changes. This minor service item keeps the engine oil fresh and clean so that it can keep the engine components lubricated and carry away impurities. Vehicles that get their recommended factory maintenance achieve better gas mileage and longer overall life than ones that don't. To get the most out of your Genesis vehicle, it's recommended that you have it serviced regularly at an authorized Genesis service center, such as Genesis of Fairfield.


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Complimentary Maintenance

When you buy a brand-new Genesis, you'll receive complimentary normal scheduled maintenance for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. You'll also get a 3-year subscription to Genesis Service Valet, which lets you schedule your regular service visits online and arrange for your vehicle to be picked up at your home or place of work (the valet will also drop off a loaner vehicle). When the service department is finished with your Genesis, the valet will return it to your location.


Oil Change Frequency

Depending on which model you drive, you can expect to need an oil and oil filter change about every 7,500 miles or every 6 months (you should have at least two oil changes per year, regardless of the miles driven). Synthetic oil is recommended over conventional oil for better cleaning and lubricating performance, especially in cold weather; it also provides a longer interval between oil changes. Driving conditions also affect how often your car's oil needs to be changed. To better understand your vehicle's specific needs, talk with a Genesis service technician at your next visit. Once you establish a service relationship, the technicians will get to know you and your vehicle so that they can give you more precise advice on this and other maintenance particulars.


Scheduling an Oil Change

When it's getting close to your next recommended Genesis oil change, booking an appointment with our service center is easy. Just call us at 888-439-8182, or schedule online. You can find us at 2269 Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut.